Salta / City Tours

4 Days / 3 Nights

What’s included

• Needed tranfers

• Accommodation: 3 nights Salta (2) - Cafayate (1)

• Tours: Walking tour with MAAM, De Las Flechas, Cafayate and Humahuaca Gorges

• Meals: 3 breakfasts

• Needed tickets to museums


Day 1


Arrival and reception at the airport. In the afternoon, we go on a walk through city and visit the MAAM (High Mountain Archaeological Museum).

Max. altitude: 1.152 MASL (3.779 ft.

Day 2



Today we explore Jujuy Province to get to know the Humahuaca Gorge, a Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. On our way, we make stops at typical towns such as Purmamarca, Tilcara, Uquía and Humahuaca. On the way back, we visit Maimará, to admire the Painter’s Palette. Travelled distance: 476 km (295 miles)

Travel time: 12 hours

Max. altitude: 3.012 MASL (9.881 ft.

Day 3

Salta / Cafayate.


Departure towards the Calchaquíes Valleys passing by Del Obispo Slope, Del Tin Tin Stretch, Los Cardones National Park and De Las Flechas Gorge, with its curious formations. Arrival at Cafayate.

Travelled distance: 320 km (199 miles)

Travel time: 11/12 hours

Max. altitude: 3.348 MASL (10.984 ft.)

Day 4

Cafayate / Salta.


We visit Cafayate and then, depart towards Salta, visiting De las Conchas Gorge, which is a result of wind and water erosion. Transfer to the airport. Travelled distance: 197 km (122 miles) Travel time: 5 hours Max. altitude: 1.683 MASL (5.521 ft.)

Operational notes:

The Town Hall and the MAAM close on Mondays. San Miguel market closes on Sundays. Day 4: The Wine Museum closes on Mondays. A return flight after 8.00 PM is required.

Salta Optional Tours

San Bernardo Hill.

For those who would like to enjoy more of Salta city, San Bernardo Cable Car is one of funniest ways to get to know the city from the heights. Close to the historic center, the cable car will take us, after 10 minutes ride, to the top of the hill from where we can admire the beauty of the city during the day or the drawings of its lights at night. The descend is by cable car or by foot, if you prefer.

Operates: daily

Duration: 1 hour

To keep in mind: It can be added to the Walking tour.

Folkloric Peñas.

The Peñas are the faithful reflection of how Salta’s people like to live, who worship their traditions and customs inherited from their ancestors respecting family’s meals and how their grandmother cooked. In the Peñas enjoy the local cuisine, listen to Andean music and if you are encouraged, the dance post awaits you. Some of the frequented Peñas are in Balcarce Street, one of the richest in Salta’s history and because of the railroad, it was a neuralgic point of the economic and cultural movement of the province.

Operates: Daily

Duration: 2/3 hours

Meals: Dinner


Train to the Clouds.

The tour begins at the San Antonio de los Cobres train station where we embark to the Polvorilla Viaduct. The route will be one hour up to the Viaduct at 4.200 MASL (13.779 ft), where the most imposing engineering work of the past century is traversed. After 1 hour, the return to San Antonio de los Cobres begins.

Season: All year round.

Operates: TUE/THU/SAT. Check Calendar

Duration: 3 hours Maximum altitude: 4.200 MASL (13.779 ft.)

To keep in mind: Although the tour operates as a Full day from Salta, we suggest adding it with an overnight in S.A. de los Cobres to continue then to Humahuaca Gorge.


Hornocal Safari.

An adventure which will take us through a pallete of colours visiting Purmamarca and its well– known ‘Paseo de los Colorados’ where a trekking will allow us to explore the colours of this formations. Our trip continues towards Humahuaca to get to the climax of this adventure at 4300 MASL, the Hornocal mountains, a pallete of 33 colours that dazzle visitor with its beauty. We start our way back by the same route stopping in Uquia and Maimara to take a photograph of the Painter’s Pallette.

Operates: daily

Duration: 1 hour

Max Altitude: 4.380 MASL (14.370 ft)

To keep in mind: Take precautions due to altitude.

Horseback riding in the vineyards.

To visit the fields on horseback allows a closer approach to the vineyards. The guide will take us to explore the farm near the winery to see where the grapes are grown and how they are cared for to achieve a better production. It will be also possible to appreciate the local vegetation, particularly the giant cactuses, while learning about the history of the Cafayate Valley. After that, we visit the winery and enjoy a wine tasting.

Location: Cafayate

Operates: daily

Duration: 3/4 hours

Refreshment: water during activity

High-altitude wines.

We invite you to visit a very special winery that produces highaltitude wines. Once there, and on board of a 4WD vehicle, our host will drive us uphill towards Moya vineyards located at 3.329 MASL (11,000 ft. above sea level) and shortly afterwards the highest cellar in the word, at 3.640 MASL (12,000 ft. above sea level). The cellar was built into an old mining shaft which turned out to offer the perfect conditions for wine aging.

Location: Uquía, Humahuaca Gorge

Operates: daily

Duration: 4 hours