The World Up Above / Package

(04 DAYS / 03 NIGHTS)


Day 1

Arica / Lluta Oasis / Putre.

Reception at the airport in Arica. Departure to Lluta Oasis, with the chance of observing enormous geoglyphs from the Tiawanaku Culture on the way, and visiting petroglyphs areas. Visit to Poconchile, ancient prehispanic settlement, with a church from the 17th century. The trip continues through the desert to Pukará de Copaquilla, an ancient Inca fortress. Arrival to Putre, pre-Columbian settlement that still maintains its traditions. Overnight.

Day 2

Putre / Salar Suriri (Salt Flat) / Putre.

Departure from Putre to Surire Salt Flat, at 4.300 m. (14,000 feet) above sea level. Visit to Las Vicuñas National Reserve where the Vicuña is a protected species and then arrival to the stone-built towns of Ancuta, Guallatiri and Viluvio where the Aymara people live from alpaca and llama breeding. The trip continues among high snow capped peaks, where Guallatiri Volcano is permanently smoking. On the way it is possible to see rheas known as “suri” in Aymara language, the “Surire” Salt Flat is named after them, meaning place of Suris. This national monument is a breeding ground for three types of flamingos. Return to Putre. Overnight.

Day 3

Putre / Parinacota / Lago Chungará (Lake Chungará) / Arica.

Morning departure, visiting the historic Parinacota, one of the oldest ceremonial Aymara villages in the area.  Trip to the highest lake in the world, Lago Chungará (4.570 m high) in Lauca National Park. Ritual visit to an "APACHETA", ceremony dedicated to the “Apus” (holy spirits of the high peaks of the Andes), asking for blessings and protection on the way. In the afternoon, transfer to Arica through the Lluta Valley, seeing the important archaeological sites such as Tambo Inca of Zapahuira, Pukara of Copaquilla, petroglyphs and geoglyphs. Arrival to hotel in Arica. Overnight.

Day 4


At the agreed time, transfer to the airport to board departure flight.