Treasures Of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) / Package



Day 1

Hanga Roa.

Arrival to Easter Island. Reception at Mataveri Airport with flower necklaces. Transfer to the hotel in Hanga Roa. Overnight.

Day 2

Hanga Roa / Moai Route / Anakena Beach / Hanga Roa.

This full day tour, visits the Ahu Vaihu, ceremonial placesurrounded by moais that are face down, and the  Ahu  Akahanga, where the first king of the island was buried. Heading afterwards to the Rano Raraku Volcano, here people carved the giant statues from the volcano's quarry. Here it is possible to observe the different stages in the Moai construction, here lies the biggest moai in the island, still unfinished. Afterwards, visit to  Ahu Tongariki, the biggest ahu on the Island with 15 Moais. Finally, expedition to Te Pito Kura, an ancient settlement, finishing at Anakena Beach to enjoy its warm sea waters. In the afternoon, return to the hotel. Lodging.

Day 3

Hanga Roa / Rano Kao Volcano / Orongo / Ahu Akivi / Hanga Roa.

Half-day tour to Rano Kao Volcano,  which contains a large fresh water lake covered with totora. On the top of the crater is the Cultural Centre of Orongo, where every year the Bird Man or Tangata Manu ceremony is celebrated. There are more than 100 petroglyphs representing gods. Visit to Ana Kai Tangata, a cavern where many pre-historic paintings can be seen. In the afternoon, trip to Ahu Akivi, this big platform, is formed by 7 Moais. The only ones facing the sea; the Ana Tepahu Caverns  and the quarry of Puna Pau, where the Pukaos,  top part of the Moais, were sculpted. Finally, visit to Ahu Tahai. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 4

Hanga Roa.

Transfer to Mataveri Airport at the agreed time for the departure flight. Farewell with shell necklaces.